I’m done building x86_64 packages for my currents, now I’m trying the updated SBo-git (you can see all the patches at this link 😉 ) with sbopkg on a 32bit virtual machine.

SBo-git it’s based on my sbopkg queue.

I built the above packages with sbopkg on a freshly installed current (virtual machine), patching them by hand when sbopkg stopped for any reason: on current we have a new bash, new gcc/glibc, new kernel (and a new libpng) so many slackbuild/sources needed patches to build.

Then I moved these patches on git:

– maintaining a master branch with the original slackbuilds.org repository;

– doing a branch for every script I modified (you can see them in the SBo-git’s homepage, just click on “Switch Branches”)

– merging all the branch in a big patch with a date tag (latest is current-20100310): thanks to Robby Workman and the people of slackbuilds-users mailing list for the hints 🙂

merging has been easy, in the end: I got the commit information I need with

so using it with awk like this

I have done a merge list that I committed in a new current branch.

(I left current and master from the list 😉 )

you can use this git repository basically in two ways depending on what you need:

– if you use a lot of the packages I build, best option for you is to download a tarball and substitute it to your /var/lib/sbo/SBo/13.0 folder, then launch your queues as usual keeping the un-gpg-signed *.tar.gz when asked;

– if you use just a few of them you can select their name on “Switching Branches” and then click on the commit indicated on the right: all the patched files for that packages are there, you can also download directly the *.tar.gz clicking on the file name and again on the “raw” link.

there’s also a third way to use the repo: it’s on github, it’s public, you can submit/fork/etc. 😉

…and for correctness: SBo-git is completely unrelated to slackbuilds.org and therefore unsupported by it.

have fun! 😀