good news for who’s using sbopkg with sbo-git as a repository.

tnx to 55020 for the setup instructions:

I’m improving my git-fu and now, using binary patching, I will update directly the -current branch without recreating.

that means, basically, that you can sync it from inside sbopkg with no need to delete/reset old checked out git files. 🙂

this will work for you if you have checked last time my 20100425 commit, if not you have to

one last time (I hope :P)

I’ve setup a file .gitattributes in the root of the git repository with this content

then i diffed the two latest master commits

then I switched to branch “current”.

here I checked if some of the updated slackbuilds matched the ones I’m mantaining and to avoid confilcts applying the patch from master I restored their state in the tree at the one they have on master before last update: in this specific case only gpac was affected

after that I applied the patch from master into this branch

then I removed the .gitattributes file and added new files

and then I commited

results are shown in the SBo-git homepage.

I’ll try to update the current branch this way from now on. 🙂