as announced on slackware main site the 13.1 release of the oldest linux distribution is ready 🙂

slackware confirm itself one of the most innovative distribution in the field, with software updates surpassing latest ubuntu 😀

The SBo-git repository is ready too to be used with sbopkg on this new slackware version.

if you need fresh additional packages beside slackware standard full install, I built some (using sbopkg and SBo-git) for my personal use (the list) that I gladly share:



I massconverted now also the compat32 packages (waiting for official updates from alien bob) for running 32 bit software on multilib slackware64: if you are using those in the past, remember to remove libv4l-compat32 (it has been superseded by v4l-utils) before doing

while in compat32 folder.