May 302010

As Robby Workman has announced on the users mailing list, they started a git repository for managing their slackbuilds. 🙂

This, besides being great news, has some implications: my SBo-git repository for -current has no sense to be continued anymore, as the logic (and Robby too :D) tells me to rebase my work on their repository.
It’s was also much cleaner and ordered, but I forked it on github and I started playing on it to have a branch to use to build my sbopkg queue.

so, if you want to follow my mods, the new address is:

2ManDVD                multimedia/2ManDVD: updated to 1.3.3, miscellaneous cleanups
LiVES                  multimedia/LiVES: fixed link to lives-exe binary, miscellaneous cleanups
audacity               audio/audacity: updated to latest 1.3.12 beta, miscellaneous cleanups
avidemux               multimedia/avidemux: fixed md5sum, added alien bob's fix for x86_64 paths and plugins build code
cabextract             system/cabextract: miscellaneous cleanups
cherokee               network/cherokee: updated to 1.0.1, added some configure options, miscellaneous cleanups
cksfv                  misc/cksfv: miscellaneous cleanups
clamav                 system/clamav: updated to 0.96.1, rewritten clamd.conf.patch, miscellaneous cleanups
cryptopp               libraries/cryptopp: downgraded to 5.5.2 for aMule
darkstat               network/darkstat: miscellaneous cleanups
dvgrab                 multimedia/dvgrab: miscellaneous cleanups
encfs                  revert system/encfs removal and adds a patch for the new toolchain
ffmpeg                 multimedia/ffmpeg: updated to r23248, added a configure option, miscellaneous cleanups
ffmpegthumbnailer      desktop/ffmpegthumbnailer: updated to 2.0.2, miscellaneous cleanups
foremost               system/foremost: miscellaneous cleanups
gavl                   libraries/gavl: added.
gdk-pixbuf             libraries/gdk-pixbuf: miscellaneous cleanups
gpac                   revert multimedia/gpac removal, adds a patch for the new libpng and miscellaneous cleanups
gst-plugins-bad        multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: updated to 0.10.18, miscellaneous cleanups
gst-plugins-ugly       multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: updated to 0.10.14, miscellaneous cleanups
gst-python             libraries/gst-plugins-python: updated to 0.10.18, miscellaneous cleanups
hping3                 network/hping3: miscellaneous cleanups
id3                    audio/id3: miscellaneous cleanups
kino                   multimedia/kino: updated to 1.3.4 for the new ffmpeg
kvirc                  network/kvirc: updated to 4.0rc3 for qt4 build, miscellaneous cleanups
libiconv               libraries/libiconv: added libiconv, a text conversion library
libnice                libraries/libnice: downgraded to 0.0.10 for farsight2
libunicap              libraries/libunicap: added libunicap, a video capture library
ltris                  games/ltris: miscellaneous cleanups
mjpegtools             multimedia/mjpegtools: miscellaneous cleanups
obconf                 desktop/obconf: miscellaneous cleanups
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib libraries/perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib: added perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib, a Perl interface to the zlib compression library
perl-Compress-Zlib     libraries/perl-Compress-Zlib: added perl-Compress-Zlib, a Perl interface to the zlib compression library
perl-IO-Compress-Base  libraries/perl-IO-Compress-Base: added perl-IO-Compress-Base, the base class for all IO::Compress and IO::Uncompress Perl modules
perl-IO-Compress-Zlib  libraries/perl-IO-Compress-Zlib: added perl-IO-Compress-Zlib, a Perl interface to allow reading and writing of gzip and zip files/buffers
python-twisted         network/python-twisted: miscellaneous cleanups
python2-chardet        libraries/python2-chardet: miscellaneous cleanups
scummvm                revert games/scummvm removal, updated to 1.1.1
snack                  audio/snack: added snack, a sound toolkit
soundtouch             revert libraries/soundtouch removal, updated to 1.5.0, miscellaneous cleanups
vice                   system/vice: added patch to fix build, miscellaneous cleanups
wmCalClock             desktop/wmCalClock: miscellaneous cleanups
wmMoonClock            desktop/wmMoonClock: miscellaneous cleanups
wmSun                  desktop/wmSun: miscellaneous cleanups
wmakerconf             desktop/wmakerconf: miscellaneous cleanups
wminfo                 desktop/wminfo: miscellaneous cleanups
wmnet                  desktop/wmnet: miscellaneous cleanups
wmweather              desktop/wmweather: miscellaneous cleanups
wormux                 games/wormux: updated to, miscellaneous cleanups
wvdial                 revert network/wvdial removal, updated to 1.6.1, miscellaneous cleanups
wxcam                  multimedia/wxcam: miscellaneous cleanups
x264                   multimedia/x264: updated to 20100425, added configure option, miscellaneous cleanups
zisofs-tools           revert system/zisofs-tools removal, miscellaneous cleanups

soon I’ll manage to build the queue on a fresh installed slackware 13.1 to try this new repository (last packages was built using SBo-git) so stay tuned if you prefeer prebuilt fresh goodies 🙂

P.S. in the meantime I managed to do lxde packages for slackware 13.1 from alien bob’s lxde build scripts and some stuff from, to create a slax-remix module to have an alternate desktop on that live distribution (it’s based on ex-current, now 13.1, too).
if you want to try them and report back any problem, I’ll be glad to improve them (if I am able to). 🙂