hi, finally found the time to work a little on LXDE: I’ve prepared a second round of slackbuilds and packages based mainly on the git version of the various components (many improvements in there).

hope I haven’t missed anything of the things spotted (still have to do experiments with suspend).

maybe is better if I just cut and paste from the README.txt of the download folder

I’m only a little disappointed for having to upgrade glib2 but, you know, it’s testing stuff 🙂

soon I’ll try to do branches about these packages on my slackbuilds.org fork so I can use this stuff in my sbopkg queue: for eric scripts I think I’ll do a first commit in the corresponding branch adding the original script and a second one with the modified version (I tried to follow the autools-template).

you can find on the download page also a .tar of the build folder (with the sources folder and links in the slackbuilds folders too, for easy self-building).

happy testing! 🙂

EDIT: looks like suspend works! 😀