as I promised, I have added the necessary branches to my’s git master fork, so it will be easy to build a complete LXDE desktop using sbopkg.

I used existing components, I added alien bob’s scripts adapting them to template and I wrote some from scratch.

UPDATE: all the components are submitted to now so there’s no particular need to set up my repository, unless you want latest testing (but working) stuff for current.

I also removed the gnome-vfs building option because it’s obsolete starting with slackware 13.37; libatasmart, sg3utils, udisk, upower and gvfs are part of slackware since 14.0.

Other modifications have been done at the end of 2015 following the latest development choices.

I’ll try to keep it updated with the latest fixes, you can see them in the branch list of the git repository, so you can use them individually.

the quick install guide:

download and install the latest version of sbopkg (if you don’t have it already, as it’s a must-have application for slackware 😉 )

Launch it, and only if you using current, go to the Utilities menu and use the Repository option to select the SBo-git repository. If you’re using stable just leave the default settings and jump at the queue part.

You can also use some command line alternatives 😉

you can then go back to the main menu and select the Sync option.

If you find any problems syncing (still only in current case), just

use this text file as /var/lib/sbopkg/queues/lxde.sqf

then launch

choose in the dialog to keep the queue options and you’ve only to wait a little. 🙂

at the end, launching xwmconfig you can choose xinitrc.lxde and the next time you enter in X you’ll have a brand new shiny LXDE desktop. 😀