As the new slackware is out, I wanted to try a clean install on my rasperry-pis.

I referred to the super-detailed guide from dave (thanks!), but his build scripts needed just a little refreshing as upstream moved to a new firmware (boot changed slightly) and kernel version (ditching 3.1.9): more, they are committing on two kernel branches, one based on 3.2.27 (the default) and another based on 3.6.1.

So, at first I forked dave’s build script to build a 3.6.1 kernel, just to test, added some patches, rebuilt, and all went pretty well, but the installer wasn’t working.

Then I decided to go for the 3.2.27 branch, following upstream’s default: so I took the kernel config suggested by raspberrypi’s devs, added some modules to support various hardware, patched the kernel to support the BFQ I/O scheduler setting it as default.

The result are these new build scripts

and these premade packages/disk images

I’ll probably play with it a little in the next days to build a 3.6.1 kernel (and an installer with that) switching there too to a new .config with additions, but consider that times needed for building this stuff grows on the raspi, and running the complete build takes nearly 11 hours to complete.

Ah, while I was there I found some time to build a full LXDE, a Razor-qt/qtdesktop and other various packages for slackwarearm-14.0 using‘s scripts (I’ll try to organize this stuff as a repository soon)