Maybe someone of you had heard about the fact that LXDE developers didn’t want to get dragged into the GTK+3 mess and that they decided in march of this year to merge efforts with the Razor-qt people to develop together a lightweight DE based on Qt (see the various post on the LXDE blog and on their <a href=>mailing list for more informations on this).

So they picked some stuff from Razor and PCMan wrote much other from scratch: as <a href=>he says, they haven’t reached a point in which this is usable in a production environment but, left away some bugs (pcmanfm-qt doesn’t seem to show icons at all here), I think it’s already looking acceptable. 🙂

So I decided to prepare build scripts and packages for Slackware 14.1 from what’s available on their git to let you try it and eventually report bugs upstream: read very well what’s written in the download folder, keep the expectations low and grab ’em while they’re still hot. 😉